How we deliver Excellence in Rural Healthcare

At ULHT we provide the majority of very specialised healthcare to the people of Lincolnshire.

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At ULHT we provide the majority of very specialised healthcare to the people of Lincolnshire. Our mission is to be excellent in all that we do, providing the most effective, safe and personal care for every one of our patients in the county of Lincolnshire, through our one team of 7000+ skilled and dedicated staff and support our partners to prevent or reduce the need for people to use our services.

Our vision is to provide “excellence in rural healthcare”. To achieve this over the next few years, one thing is certain, the way we provide healthcare to the people of Lincolnshire needs to change.

We need a long-term solution, a strategy, a plan – to give staff and patients hope and belief that we have a bright future. A future where we can deliver excellent healthcare in the rural context that Lincolnshire provides.

That’s where our 2021 strategy comes in – over the last year or so, it’s become part of everything we do. We’ve already made huge strides in finding new ways of working more effectively, with the end goal of providing excellence in rural healthcare to our patients, providing services and being an organisation that really reflect our values.

Our priorities are clear:

  • For our patients our priorities are:
    • Delivering harm free care
    • Improving patient experience
  • For our services our priorities are:
    • Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our services
    • Delivering clinically and financially sustainable services
  • For our people our priorities are:
    • Creating a workforce for the future
    • Improving staff engagement

We’ve also been working with our partners across the health and social care system to look at how we need to redesign our clinical pathways for patients to receive more care in the community and reduce the demand on our hospitals, while at the same time reconfiguring our services to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Trust.

Now is a pivotal time to move this forward. As part of the Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP), we will be beginning our Healthy Conversation 2019 early next year.

This will be the opportunity for the whole health system to engage with our valued staff, as well as our public and stakeholders, on what matters to you and what needs to change.

We need you to get involved in this conversation, to shape our joint future.

Find out more in the next couple of months!