Hospitals Trust becomes an official ‘menopause-friendly’ organisation

Staff working in Lincolnshire’s hospitals can now access specialist support and advice when they are going through the menopause.

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United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) has just become a ‘menopause-friendly’ employer, underlining its commitment to creating a positive, supportive and productive work environment for female staff going through those inevitable life changes.

Being menopause-friendly means that staff will have access to specialist consultant and menopause nurse referrals, in-house support groups and bespoke training packages.

A recent launch event took place for staff at Lincoln County Hospital, which included guest speakers ULHT Chair Elaine Baylis and Clinical Lead for Gynaecology Maisa Salman, who spoke about their own experiences and how the menopause can affect working women.

ULHT’s Health and Wellbeing Lead Nurse Coordinator, Leanne Belton, said: “The engagement and interest from staff has already been overwhelmingly positive.

“We recognise how challenging it can be for staff who are working through the menopause, and we are dedicated to supporting them and acknowledging that being menopause-friendly is the way forward for ULHT.

“There are lots of different symptoms when it comes to the menopause and often women can feel overwhelmed and like they have no one to turn to.

“We want to be a friendly and inclusive employer and so becoming a menopause-friendly Trust shows staff that we are here for them and can offer support and advice if needed.”

ULHT Chair Elaine Baylis said she was delighted to support the Trust as a menopause-friendly employer.

“The health and wellbeing of our staff is so important to us,” said Elaine.

“We want everyone to be the best they can be when they come to work and to reach their full potential.

“Sometimes things do get in the way and it’s ok to recognise that – supporting and listening to our staff who are going through the menopause is the right thing to do.”

For more information on the menopause friendly initiative, please contact Leanne Belton via email at [email protected].