New hospital ‘quiet room’ provides a space for patients to consider and reflect

Hospital staff clubbed together to help refurbish a quiet room to enable patients to take some time-out from their busy hospital surroundings.

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The new area, which is based in the outpatients department at Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, has been dubbed the ‘quiet room’ by staff and will be used by patients who may receive bad news or need their procedures explained in more detail.

The former office has been completely redecorated and includes new curtains, plants, a wall clock and pictures, which staff members donated £1 each to help buy.

Clerical Administrator Jan Joyce said staff thought it was about time they got together to help improve the department for their patients.

“The room is so much brighter now and looks more like a lounge than an office,” said Jan.

“I put my head together with Deputy Sister Diane Smith and we thought it was about time that something was done.

“We both chose the paint colour and I wrote to Dunelm in town who very kindly donated some curtains for this room.

“We’re really pleased with the transformation and a lot of the staff have commented on how much nicer the room is and what a huge difference it has made.”

The quiet room is used by a variety of staff, including Macmillan nurses and clinical nurse specialists who use it on a daily basis to break bad news, explain procedures, and give important results to patients.

“The feedback from the nurses that use it has been great – the room is much more inviting to sit in. One nurse described it as lovely.”