Hospital housekeeper cycles from coast to coast to say thank you

A Lincoln County Hospital housekeeper has cycled from coast to coast in a bid to say thank you to the doctors who fitted a heart loop recorder to help monitor her irregular heartbeat.

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Wendy Lewis had hoped to raise a few hundred pounds by cycling from Morecombe to Bridlington and has been overwhelmed by the response from friends and colleagues which has seen her total reach more than £1,300.

Wendy, 55, who works on the medical emergency assessment unit, said: “I have got a hereditary condition where my heart beats too fast. My dad also had it and he died when he was just 48.

“I have always tried to keep fit and was shocked when I was first diagnosed and had to have the loop fitted.”

The heart loop keeps an eye on Wendy’s heart rhythm and if it beeps, she records it using a little electronic box and then downloads it when she gets home, so that it is available to be reviewed by the doctors. The plan is to remove it in December.

Wendy added: “I enjoy cycling and everyone said I should do a sponsored ride. Initially I was hoping to raise a few hundred pounds and I am currently at £1,300. The support has been amazing. I think the loop costs around £1,000 and so I am really pleased that we have gone beyond that.”

Wendy set off from Morecombe on June 13th, cycled 90 miles and spent the night in Boroughbridge, before getting up the next morning and cycling another 90 miles to Bridlington.

She added: “The sense of satisfaction I felt when I saw the coast at Bridlington was amazing. I did the ride all on my own and am very proud that my training and the support of everyone got me to the finish line.”

Consultant Cardiologist Wayne Arthur said: “Well done Wendy. You have done an amazing job and raising money by keeping fit and active is a great example to us all.”

There is still time to sponsor Wendy via MEAU reception.