Have your say- fill in your staff survey, it really makes a difference

All staff are being asked to fill in the national staff survey, which is now open.

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All staff are being asked to fill in the national staff survey, which is now open.

The survey is being run by Picker Institute Europe on behalf of ULHT and the majority of staff will receive their survey via email from Picker. A small selection of staff will receive paper copies.

Your feedback is really important to us at ULHT and we have already made many changes as a result of last year’s survey and suggestions made by staff during the year, some of these are:


You said:


What we are doing:
1.    There is a lack of performance management and accountability


·         Reviewing our approach to individual performance management (appraisal) to ensure it reflects best practice, that we assess people against the Trust values and have a process that helps manage performance through the year.


·         Launching a staff charter that sets out the two-way commitment between the Trust and staff.


·         Introduction of the ward accreditation process.


·         Initiating a campaign to promote our values, what they mean, how we are delivering against them and where there are shortcomings.

2.    Lack of clear strategy and direction ·         The Trust is will set out our strategy and direction as part of 2021 startegy launch in November. We recognise the need to promote this so that we can build a greater sense of hope and belief that the Trust can deliver sustained improvement.


·         We have recently introduced a new communication cascade through monthly team brief, so you can play your part in explaining our strategy and direction.

3.    Lack of appreciation and support for management role ·         Introduced two-day leadership course for all band 7 and above leaders.


·         Introducing further development for leaders around resilience and creating engaging working environments in a pressurised and target-driven system.


·         Exploring the potential for emotional support networks through which staff can support each other through the stressful situations they regularly face.


·         Creating a real community of leaders through the senior leadership forum.

4.    Communication



·         Re-launching our voicing your concerns policy, reminding staff of the variety of ways in which they can raise concerns.


·         Re-launching the management cascade (team brief) to ensure that managers are held to account for cascading messages and listening to what staff have to say.

It only takes a few minutes and the survey will close on Friday 1 December.

Responses to this survey are strictly confidential. No one in the trust will see your completed survey or be able to identify individual responses.

If you need help completing the survey please email [email protected] or call 0808 801 0678.