Corridor guides help patients navigate hospital hallways

Valuable volunteers have helped over 15,000 visitors find their destinations at Lincoln County Hospital in the last six months.

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A pilot scheme involving ‘corridor guides’ to help patients and visitors navigate the corridors of the busy hospital has proved such a success, it is now hoped that it can be rolled out to sites in Boston and Grantham too.

Since September last year, hospital volunteers have taken part in 140 ‘corridor guide’ sessions helping a total of 15,012 patients and visitors successfully find their way to wards and departments across the city hospital.

This number includes an impressive 1,125 directly escorted visits, where volunteers physically lead someone to their destination, instead of merely directing.

The scheme was the brainchild of United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT), Voluntary Services Manager Andrew Tysoe, who said having volunteers stationed at strategic points across the site has had a remarkable impact.

“Our volunteers greet people at the hospital entrance and we also have a mobile station outside our health records department a bit further in,” he said.

“This is at a crossroads on the main corridor, not far from our outpatients departments, which also sees a lot of footfall.

“The hospital is a big place and people can often feel overwhelmed trying to locate a particular ward or department, especially if they are visiting a poorly relative or attending an important appointment.

“Having a friendly face to greet and guide you to your destination if necessary can often be a massive help.

“All our volunteers do a fantastic job and give up their free time willingly to benefit the staff and patients at ULHT.

“We’re always looking for new volunteers and ideally we’d like to have between 30 to 40 active volunteers who are able to give up half-a-day-a-week each week.”

Andrew added that his vision for voluntary services at ULHT forms part of the Trust’s overall strategy and ambitions for the next few years.

In addition to the corridor guide scheme, the Trust has also taken on board feedback from the general public and will be looking at improving the signage across all its hospitals over the next few months.

“As part of our 2021 strategy we want to contribute to providing excellence in rural healthcare,” added Andrew.

“Now that our corridor guides have proved so successful in Lincoln, we’d like to roll out a similar programme at both Grantham and Boston hospitals.

“The feedback we’ve had from both the volunteers taking part and the visitors they’ve helped has been fantastic.”

Keith Mabbott (60), has been a volunteer at ULHT since October last year.  He said he really enjoys helping visitors to the hospital.

“I come with a smile on my face and go home with a smile on my face, I love meeting new people and helping out,” he said.

“I helped a lady who couldn’t see very well get to her clinic and she was really appreciative.  I even have people coming up to me and asking me how they can start volunteering.”

If you’re interested in volunteering contact 01522 597838 or visit the Trust website here –