Charity funds care bags for chemotherapy patients

A Lincolnshire charity has helped to raise thousands of pounds for its local hospital, to support patients undergoing their chemotherapy treatment.

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Local Hope, a Boston-based charity, has been fundraising for patients at Pilgrim hospital in the town, supplying handy essentials to help them settle into their treatment.

The care bags contain items including thermometers, bottles of water, mints, hand gel, tissues, colouring and puzzle books and pens and are proving popular with patients.

Mandy Logue, Chemotherapy Suite Sister at United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust’s (ULHT), Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, said she couldn’t thank the charity enough for their helping hand.

“These bags do really make a difference to the patients,” she said.

“Coming in for your first treatment can be extremely daunting, so anything that makes things easier and more comfortable for our patients is invaluable.

“The goodies really help to break the ice, put patients at ease and help them settle in and get ready for their treatment. We just can’t thank Local Hope enough.”

In addition to supporting the Chemotherapy Suite, Local Hope has also helped provide bags for the hospital’s dialysis patients, as well as fundraising for the care of the elderly ward (sixth floor).

So far, the charity has raised in the region of £5,500, which has gone towards helping to fund the bags.

Gary Marsh from Local Hope said: “The charity was founded by a group of volunteers in October 2016, many who have been volunteering for different organisations for over 10 years.

“It was formed with the aim of providing a better future for people in Boston by funding specific projects and helping individuals and groups.

“In addition to the chemo suite bags we have also supplied 76 care bags for patients on the dialysis unit, in addition to bags for patients admitted to the sixth floor (care of the elderly).

“They contain soaps, flannels, toothbrushes and toothpaste, a wash bag, shower gels, body spray, combs, shaving foam and razors.

“This provides some comfort and normality for people who are unable to bring their own toiletries to the hospital.”

Laura Barwick, Staff Nurse on Ward 6B at Pilgrim hospital said: “The charity has been a great support to the ward and we can’t thank them enough.

“The bags really make a difference to our patients – being elderly and in hospital can be extremely distressing and many of our patients have a poor support network around them to bring in the essentials that they require.

“The bags give the patients that personal touch.”