Mr Rohit Rambani

Consultant details

Mr Rohit Rambani
Job title
Hip and Knee Reconstructive Surgeon
Medical interests
  • Sports injuries
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Knee replacement surge
  • Multi-Ligament reconstruction including anterior cruciate ligament
  • Revision surgery both hip and knee
  • Knee pain
  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Lower limb trauma
  • Lower limb arthroplasty;


Rohit Rambani is a Hip and Knee Reconstructive Surgeon at United Lincolnshire Hospital NHS Trust. Mr Rambani completed his higher surgical training in Yorkshire and did further hip and knee arthroplasty and soft tissue knee fellowship training in the UK and Canada including fellowship in Toronto, Bristol and Leeds. Mr Rambani's clinical and research endeavours have centred on hip and knee reconstruction. Mr Rambani has finished his PhD from University of Hull in simulation and computer sciences. His interests include the expansion of knee and hip arthroscopic techniques to deal with sports injuries, uncemented hip and knee prosthetic technology, new bearing surfaces and outcomes assessment in hip, knee and revision arthroplasty and use of allografting and other transplant and stem cell techniques in hip and knee reconstruction. He has worked extensively on enhance recovery and is regularly doing 24 hour joint replacements in ULHT. He has presented and published widely on key aspects of orthopaedics. He is on the editorial board of many journals and reviews for top orthopaedic journals. Mr Rambani has just published a book on Boot camp approach to surgical training.