Ciro Rinaldi

Consultant details

Prof Ciro Rinaldi
Job title
Clinical Director Clinical Support Services; Consultant Haematologist
GMC number
  • MD – 2003
  • Haematology Specialist – 2007
  • PhD Biotechnology – 2011
  • Senior Research Fellow/Lecturer University of Lincoln – 2013
  • Visiting Professor of Biomedical Science of University of Lincoln
Medical interests
  • Myeloproliferative Neoplasms
  • Lymphoma
  • Myelodysplastic Syndrome
Contact number
01205 446311


My research interest started when during my specialist training I joined Prof Giuseppina Nucifora Lab at the University of Illinois in Chicago where I collaborated in developing murine models of MDS and MPN, resulting in several publications in very-well impacted journals (see attached CV). I developed specific skills in molecular biology and animal model research, working on complicated assays such as real time PCR, semi-quantitative PCR, EMSA, western blot, flow-cytometry and gene-cloning. After the US experience, I went back to Italy where I completed my specialist training and applied for a PhD in Biotechnology which I finished four years ago. During my PhD I focused my research interest on alternative pathways in MPN, publishing several papers on abnormal transcription factors level and nuclear JAK2. At that time, I was part of the major Italian Haematology groups (SIE, SIES, GIMEMA), actively participating in National and International study. I became member of European Leukaemia Net 6 years ago and I conducted a study on the role of the JAK2 mutation in secondary AML. I moved in UK in 2010 as consultant haematologist and I have been working here since then as substantive haematologist. I set up a dedicated MPN clinic in my Trust, started an MPN registry for ULHT and achieved the role of MPN-MDT Lead for the East Midland Cancer Network. I joined the NCRI group for MPN three years ago. My laboratory research interest did not stop. I managed to obtain a Grant from SHIRE pharmaceutical Company to establish a molecular biology research Lab at the University of Lincoln where I also became Honorary Senior Fellow. The Lab is open and vitally running and the research team is constantly growing including now a senior lecturer, 2 PhD studentS, a technician and several post-graduate students. After only one and half year of activity, we already submitted several abstracts to important national (BHS) and international meetings (ASCO and EHA). Always interested in translational research, I opened several e-portfolio clinical trials here at ULHT, and 2 important commercial Trials in MPN (RELIF and MAJIC), bringing back Lincolnshire on the map of National research. I was one of the main authors of the RELIF data abstract presented last December at the American society of Haematology in San Francisco.