Upon a star

Look up and reflect upon a star.

Throughout December 2021 Grantham and District Hospital, Lincoln County Hospital and Boston Pilgrim Hospital were collectively adorned with 50 stars, shining bright as beacons of hope.

We’re absolutely delighted to say that our Upon a Star campaign raised a fantastic £10,000 and received so much positive feedback.

’The Stars look amazing, love it ‘’

“Just what we needed”

‘’What a lovely display – thank you”

“Wonderful sight, so grateful to our local NHS ‘’

We couldn’t have done this without the amazing support of our sponsors for 2021.

  • InterSystems who sponsored our Superstar.
  • Streets Accountants
  • Medi-Plumb Installations Ltd
  • Visual Systems Ltd
  • JTM Service
  • D Brash and Sons
  • Hanabi
  • Lindum Group
  • Else Ltd
  • Howdens

We’re pleased to let you know that Upon a Star will be back later this year. To discuss sponsorship opportunities or for more information please contact Gary Burr via gary.burr@ulh.nhs.uk or 01522 458657.