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The United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust was formed in April 2000 by the merger of the three former acute hospital trusts in Lincolnshire, creating one of the largest trusts in the country. Through four main hospitals and four sites where we provide some services, we provide a comprehensive range of hospital-based medical, surgical, paediatric, obstetric and gynaecological services to the 700,000 people of Lincolnshire.

We advertise all our vacant posts on the NHS Jobs website. All our vacancies can be found by selecting the link to either internal or external vacancies on the menu to the right hand-side of this page. The Trust is committed to developing a workforce that reflects the community it serves and as such we welcome applicants from all sectors of the community.

We also provide a comprehensive range of attractive benefits including:

Our core values are listed below, but further details can be found in our ‘behavioural standards’ document (PDF, 280KB).

These values determine United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust vision to be:

"To provide consistently excellent and safe patient-centred care for the people of Lincolnshire, through highly skilled, committed and compassionate staff working together. We do this by putting our patients at the centre of all that we do and providing the best quality care with passion and pride."

We will do this by:

This vision is underpinned by the Trust's founding partnership with local universities and reflects our position as a provider of healthcare both for local people and for a wider population. The patient is at the heart of everything the Trust does. We are committed to delivering high quality care to patients irrespective of age, disability, religion, race, gender and sexual orientation, ensuring that our services are accessible to all, but tailored to the individual.

Central to the Trust's vision are its staff. We aim to recruit, train and retain the best people to enact its values and achieve our vision.

We strive for excellence in healthcare by encouraging a culture of support, respect, integrity and teamwork; by monitoring and assessing our performance against national standards; by learning from our successes and setbacks; by striving to improve what we do through innovation and change; and by working in partnership and collaboration with all the agencies of health and social care in the area we serve.

Although it is crucial that our staff are very skilled at their jobs, it is as important to us that we recruit our staff because they share our values.

So what does this mean to you?
If you are considering applying for a position within United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, ask yourself whether you demonstrate our behaviours and values. As you have seen we are 100% committed to providing high quality patient care, and if you feel that you agree with our mission, values and can advocate the above behaviours then we want to hear from you! All our interviews will now include values based questions.

Please apply via NHS Jobs and make sure to include in your application how you demonstrate the key values; patient centred, safety, compassion, respect and excellence.

What to expect from a Values Based Interview?
If you have been invited for a Value Based Interview, the first thing to remember is that there are no right or wrong answers. There is also nothing for you to prepare in advance of a Value Based Interview, as this interviewing technique is about exploring how and why people do things rather than just what they do in any given circumstances.

The interviewer will ask you to give examples of real life situations you have experienced, so we would encourage you to reflect on your working practice in advance of the interview and expect to be asked specific questions around situations you have been in. The interview panel will ask between three and five questions depending on the job role, all of which will relate to the Trust Values which you can familiarise yourself with. The process is relatively informal, but structured to ensure fairness and consistency.

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