Information for employees

HR contact numbers

Note: Telephone numbers are direct dial unless otherwise stated.

Name Job title Telephone number
Ian Warren Director of HR and OD (01522) 512512
ext 2870
Angela Leggett  PA to Director of HR and OD (01522) 573042

Name Job title Telephone number
Elaine Stasiak Deputy Director of HR and OD (01522) 512512
ext 2855
Amy Beeton Assistant Director of HR (01522) 512512 ext 2371

Recruitment and resourcing

All queries regarding applying for jobs, advertising posts, junior doctor recruitment and all contract queries.

This team is based at Lincoln but provides a service for the whole Trust.

Name Job title Telephone number
Charlotte Bellamy Nursing Recruitment Administrator (01522) 597736
Lucy Gray Core Recruitment Administrator (01522) 573367
Vicky Wynn Medical Recruitment Advisor (01522) 597734
Claire Holt Medical Recruitment Administrator (01476) 464165
Sandie Ellis Core Recruitment Team Leader (01522) 573367
Laura Martin Core Recruitment Administrator (01522) 573043
Lily Dady Medical Recruitment Admin Assistant (01522) 573206
Jo Besley Nursing Recruitment Administrator (01522) 573379
Janice Lock Recruitment Admin Assistant (01522) 573379
Lily Dady (interim) Agenda for Change Administrator (01522) 573601
Gaynor Capp Medical Recruitment Administrator (01522) 512512 ext 2044
Kerri Johnson Medical Recruitment Administrator (01522) 597735

Medical workforce
Name Job title Telephone number
Richard Watson Principal HR Manager - Medical workforce (01522) 512512 ext 2405
Sue Kirk Senior HR Adviser Medical Workforce (01205) 446404
Annette Bruntlett Medical Workforce Officer (01522) 573206
Organisational development

Our mission is to provide strategies that promote a system-wide culture of excellence and high performance. We lead initiatives which include Leadership and Management Development, Health and Wellbeing, Equality and Diversity, Mandatory Training, Appraisals and NVQs.

Name Job title Telephone number
Helen Nicholson Assistant Director of OD 07788423768
Melanie Ryder Organisational Development Manager (Leadership Development) (01476) 464774
Lynne Hewitt OD Lead (01522) 512512 ext 2371
Vicki Peasgood Organisational Development Co-ordinator (01476) 464278
Christine Hebron Organisational Development Projects Officer (01522) 573585
Kevin Teasdale E-learning Project Officer (01205) 445390
Denise Tointon Organisational Development Trainer (01205) 445288
Tracy Hind Training and Development Administrator (01476) 464517

Workforce team
Name Job title Telephone number
Chris Hogg Workforce Information Manager (Trust-wide) (01522) 512512
ext 2066
Karin Whiting Workforce Information/HR Projects Officer (01522) 597867
Diane Campbell-Morgan HR Absence Management Assistant (01522) 573822
Liam Buchan HR Administration Assistant (01522) 573822

Operational HR teams

Directorate HR managers provide expert senior advice and support to managers and clinicians on a range of Human Resources issues affecting directorates/sites.

Name Job title Telephone number
Dusty Millar Senior HR Business Partner (01522) 597596
Emergency Care Lincoln, Medical Specialties pan Trust, facilities and Estates Lincoln
Name Job title Telephone number
Kathy Mitchell HR Manager (01522) 573327
Tracey Robson HR Adviser (01522) 597587
Surgery and Women and Children, Lincoln
Name Job title Telephone number
Stu Selkirk HR Manager (01522) 512512
ext 2996
Diagnostics/ Anaesthetics/ Therapies Directorates - Pan Trust
Name Job title Telephone number
Sheila Donaldson HR Manager (01522) 512512
ext 2043
Becky Maxwell HR Adviser (01476) 464172
Planned/ Emergency Care/ Women & Children/ Facilities & Estates Pilgrim
Name Job title Telephone number
Ray Chambers Senior HR Business Partner (01205) 445282
Sharon Cook HR Manager (Wed, Thurs, Fri) (01205) 445282
Grace Barkham HR Adviser (currently on maternity leave) (01205) 445711
Jody Richmond HR Manager (Mon, Tue) (01205) 445282
Sarah-Jane Taylor HR Officer (01205) 445287
Corporate - Pan Trust/Louth
Name Job title Telephone number
Laura De Vita Senior HR Adviser (01522) 597597

Site teams

General HR queries including locum appointments.

Name Job title Telephone number
Owen Fulton Senior HR Business Partner (01522) 464655
Sam Bloxham HR Administrator (Mon + Tues 9 - 3)
(Wed + Thurs AM)
(01476) 464483
Name Job title Telephone number
Lynne Russell HR Administrator (Mon, Tues, Wed) (01205) 445322
Sue Potter HR Admin Assistant (Mon, Tues, Wed)
HR Administrator (Thurs, Fri)
(01205) 445281
Name Job title Telephone number
Bradley Stiffel HR Administrator (01522) 573976
James Syson HR Admin Assistant (01522) 597087