Clinical Education

Clinical skills

The NHS has to respond to the six challenges faced by all modern healthcare systems: providing training and skills to develop, and to deliver care effectively.

(NHS 20102015: from good to great. Preventative, People-Centred, Productive)

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Venepuncture/cannulation training

Your Clinical Education team are piloting a new approach to venepuncture/cannulation training in response to low attendance at our workshops. If you require practical skills training for either of the above and have;

Please contact the Clinical Education team administrator who will book the training resources (simulation arm etc) supported by a member of the Clinical Education team who will deliver an hour long practical session in your clinical area. The learners will be expected to be familiar with the trust policies and procedures and the underlying principles of the skills in question prior to the session taking place. Please contact Wendy Harrison or call on (01522) 597772 for more details.